Adult Fine Art Classes (Adult 16+)

Get creative with Shine

We are excited to be running 7 weeks of creative art sessions by Shine's Creative Manager, Mia. To view her amazing artwork, please check our her Instagram

This class will be a relaxed and experimental environment for people of all abilities.

The sessions will follow this plan:

Week 1 - Introduction to Fine Art, Portrait pt. 1, Pencil, Charcoal, biro drawing

Week 2 - Portrait pt. 2 - Introducing Colour (Acrylic, oil paint)

Week 3 - Still Life Drawing: Drawing of an inanimate object specifically arranged to create meaning or visual effect

Week 4 - Life Drawing: Drawing of the human form in various poses and level of detail

Week 5 - Abstract Art: Using shapes, colours, form and gestural marks to create a non-representational piece of work

Week 6 - Line Drawings: Creating illustrational work using basic strokes with a variety of weight and angles

Week 7 - Pop Art: Drawing and painting from popular cultures, using recognisable imagery, bright colours and mixed media and collage

Shine Community Sports HallShine Community Sports Hall View on map
Tue 2 Nov 2021 - Tue 14 Dec 2021
18.30 - 19.30
Age range:
Adult 16+
Essential kit:

All materials are provided by Shine.

No Children

I'm afraid we aren't able to allow children to this session.

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