What is your refund policy?

When a customer wishes to cancel or amend an order, he/she must directly notify Shine via i[email protected] or call 01174 033 033.  We will only credit if at least 6 DAYS notice is given. Cancellations or amendments of an activity to an alternative day made after this period will be charged in full with no credit or refund applicable. This is not applicable for those activities that are booked on a termly or seasonal basis and no refunds or credits will be issued in this case.

Our 6 day cancellation policy remains in place in the event of isolation due to COVID-19 isolation with refunds considered only in exceptional circumstances.

How does Shine cater for children with SEND?

At Shine we believe every child is special and we celebrate their difference. We encourage equality of opportunity at all our activities, and wherever possible, aim to make them accessible as well as safe. Whether it's promoting good sportsmanship or directly challenging incidents of prejudice and discrimination, we aim to make every child and employee feel equally valued and important. 

Wherever we can, we will make reasonable adjustments to our activities in order to cater for all children and staff. We stand against discrimination of race, ethnicity, nationality, class, religion, culture, gender, language, sexual orientation, disability or additional needs. We strive to continuously develop our ways of working so we can provide families with a high quality of care provision with the resources we have available. We will involve parents and carers at every stage in plans to meet their child’s additional requirements, and where necessary involve children themselves in the planning and decision making that affects their experience. 

What are your Policies and Procedures?

Shine have 4 robust documents that encompass Safeguarding. 

  1. Shine’s Safeguarding Policies and Procedures have been written in accordance with Bristol Safeguarding Children’s Board. 
  2. Shine's Policies and Procedures, which includes behaviour management.
  3. Shine’s Staff Handbook.
  4. Shine’s Health and Safety Policy

If you would like any information contained within these documents please contact Bryonee – [email protected]

How does Shine deal with Safeguarding?

Safeguarding is at the centre of everything we do.  John Colley is our Designated Safeguarding Lead, with 4 Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads, all of whom are trained to DSL standard.  Should you have any safeguarding concerns regarding a child or a member of shine staff, please contact John on 01174 033033 or [email protected]. If John isn't available for any reason you will be pass on to a Deputy.

After School Club - About our Priority Code Procedure

Most of our schools run a Priority Code procedure to provide an opportunity for parents of children who have attended a ‘sold out’ activity to rebook for the following term, if they choose. This has numerous advantages and especially benefits keeping the children in the same bubble as much as possible , whilst allowing the children who attended the previous term to continue to develop their sporting or creative skills in a consistent and familiar setting with the support of our staff. Occasionally places do become available as not everyone chooses to rebook every term. In these circumstances we recommend that you check our website regularly as, any available spaces will automatically be placed on general sale on a first come, first served basis on the date of your school’s termly launch date.

Codes received are specifically for the child you currently have booked and are not to be passed on or used for any siblings.

Holiday Club Activity Groups

Each day, children will be in groups as specified by coaching guidelines.  This is currently 15 children in a group. There will be no movement within the groups on the day.  These groups will be children of similar ages and from any school or household.  As the guidelines change, we may need to adjust these groups or the numbers within them.  We will always follow government advice and will update accordingly.

Holiday Club - Is there priority for Key Workers?

As much as we would love to, we just don't have the facility to allow priority booking for Key Workers. Please email [email protected] in the event you can't get a space and we will always do what we can to help you.

Holiday Club - How many children will my child come into contact with?

This depends on how many days you book.  If you book for one day, there will only be 14 other children but if you come for 5 days then they will mix with different children each day.  Never more than is in their group.  We cannot guarantee the children will remain at the current guideline of 2 metres apart during the day when they are within this group.

Holiday Club - Social distancing

Whilst the children are  in their group for the entire day, we cannot guarantee the children in this group will remain at 2 metres throughout.  For parents - please be patient, respect social distancing, follow and signs to direct you and the processes in place.  Everything we have planned is to minimise any risk to the children, and our staff.

Holiday Club - Will I be with my friends?

We cannot guarantee but we will always endeavor for children to be with their friends, or at least one.  We want children to enjoy being in Holiday Club and appreciate this involves being with their friends.

Holiday Club - Can I change groups?

Once you have joined the group on the day, you wont be able to change.  If, when you arrive and before you are signed in you realise a friend is in a different group, and there is space, we will be able to change your activity.  We appreciate your understanding if you cannot allow your child to swap as we have limited numbers.

Holiday Club - Wraparound Care

Due to the children staying in their groups for the day, we are unable to provide additional wraparound care.  We have extended the day by 1 hour in order to help working parents and where appropriate, added staggered start times for you to choose the time slot most suited to your needs.

Holiday Club - Will key policies such as safeguarding and child protection be different in any way?

The safeguarding of children remains our number one priority and children's safety will not be compromised by the organisation of the day.  Any member of staff will act immediately as they normally would and will override and social distancing procedures where it is the best interest of the child and their safety.

Holiday Club - First Aid

If your child needs first aid whilst at Shine Holiday Club, all of our staff are first aid trained in the first instance and we will have all first aid support on site in a separate area with staff prepared in appropriate PPE and gloved.

Holiday Club - Drop off

You are able to arrive up to 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of your activity.  Please follow the signs to the drop off point.  You should allow extra time for drop off as we sign your child/ren in, so we can ensure your child is safe and happy as we adhere to government guidelines.  Your child will be required to use hand sanitiser on arrival and there will be socially distanced procedures in place.

Holiday Club - Pick Up

At the end of the day, please proceed to the signposted pick point where there will be socially distanced procedures in place.

Holiday Club - Hygiene Station

The best advice is to wash hands regularly, so we will ensure this is the case for the children, at least before eating.  The children will be asked to sanitise their hands regularly.

COVID - Shine Staff

All staff will have completed on site training to go through the structure of the day and the expectations for following the government guidelines.

All staff have their temperature taken and sign a health declaration on arrival to Shine.

Are Shine staff qualified, DBS checked and insured?

As one of the leading sports coaching providers in the region, Shine recognise the importance of ensuring all staff are DBS checked, properly insured and hold appropriate coaching qualifications. Relevant documentation is available on request.

Is Shine Ofsted registered?

Yes, Shine's Ofsted registration number is EY561377

Do Shine accept childcare vouchers?

Yes, good news Shine accepts childcare vouchers. Our details are: 

Company Name: Shine Wraparound Care Limited 

Company Address: c/o Shine Community Sports Hall, Brecon Road, Bristol BS9 4DT

Ofsted Registration Number: EY561377

When you contact your voucher provider, please refer to the details above,  even if the location of the activity you have booked is different than our HQ.  If you require any advice please call our Childcare Voucher Helpline on 0117 4033 033 (Monday to Friday 09:00-16:00) or email [email protected]

Here is a list of the providers Shine is currently registered with and the relevant reference/account numbers:-

  • Apple Childcare Vouchers
  • Bristol City Council (electronic payment only please - no paper vouchers, contact [email protected]).
  • Bath & North East Somerset Council (electronic payment only please)
  • Busy Bees - refer to Ofsted number EY487213
  • Care4: 74703599
  • Childcare Account
  • Childcare Grant Service
  • Computershare: 0021955615
  • Co-operative Flexible Benefits: 85110979
  • Edenred: P20980343
  • Enjoy Benefits:
  • Faircare:
  • Fideliti Childcare: SHI074C or refer to Ofsted number EY487213
  • Kiddivouchers - refer to Ofsted number EY561377
  • PES
  • Rascals
  • RG Childcare: 91816199198
  • South Gloucestershire Council  (electronic payment only please - no paper vouchers)
  • Sodexo: 839823 (plus the postcode of BS9 4DT)
  • Tax Free Childcare Scheme (please search BS9 4DT for location - we are listed as Shine)

Additional Information

  • Please note you can only use your vouchers for your own children 
  • We only accept e-vouchers (no paper vouchers, thank you). 
  • If your childcare voucher provider is NOT on the list above then please contact us and we will liaise with your provider in order to be able to accept them.

My child has a serious medical condition or allergy. What should I do to alert the staff?

It is the responsibility of parents/carers to pass on any important information regarding specific treatment, medication or handling of any medical condition.  There is an option on the medical information section to tick if you would like a manager to contact you prior to the booking to discuss your child's needs.  Medication and a detailed care plan must be provided prior to attendance.  If sufficient information or medication is not in place, Shine reserves the right to refuse attendance, for the safety of the child in question.

After School Club - What are the signing in and out procedures?

By completing an online booking with Shine your child's name will automatically appear on the official register for the activity you have chosen. On arrival Shine staff will register your child's arrival and ensure everything is in order.  The attendance register will be cross checked on regular occasions during longer activity days such as holiday clubs. At the end of each activity a parent/carer is required to sign their child out before they are able to leave. 

If your child is of an appropriate age to leave the premises unsupervised you must inform us in writing. We will NOT allow a child to leave without this consent. 

Please note it is very important that, if you have arranged for your child to be collected by a third party (perhaps a friend or grandparent) you must inform a Shine member of staff on arrival in the morning or by email before the event. It is also important that the person collecting the child is aware of the sign out procedures so please ensure they are fully informed.

Will sporting equipment be provided?

Yes, sports equipment for the sessions are provided by Shine in all its activities EXCEPT for hard ball cricket when we can only supply the ball. The equipment is checked for quality and safety reasons and cleaned after every use.  However, please note that personal sports gear and protective kit - such as a cricket box, football boots or shin pads - are not provided.

Do I really need to book my child online or can we just turn up?

For safeguarding reasons we require that all children are booked in using our online booking system.  If you experience difficulty booking in, we ask that parents contact us for support on [email protected]

Children who are not booked onto their sports or after school clubs by 12.00 on the day means they will not appear on our register and therefore be walked back to the school office and not able to take part due to staff ratios and available spaces.

If you require a late booking (made after 8am for Holiday Clubs or after 12 midday during term time) please call on 01174 033 033 or email us at [email protected] and we will do our best to accommodate your child in their preference of available activities. 

We allow walk ins for Adult Fitness and Tots sessions at a £1.00 additional charge.

What clothing and footwear should my child wear?

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that their child is provided with appropriate clothing and footwear for their selected activity. Advice on any specific kit will appear on the activity page during the booking process. It is advised the children arrive fully dressed for their planned activity, such as wellie boots when attending an outdoor adventure session in wet conditions. Children must bring their own shin pads and a protective box when playing football and 'hard ball' cricket respectively. Failure to do may mean they cannot participate in the session.

What happens to the personal information we supply to Shine when making an online booking?

All information provided to us by customers, such as medical information and contact details, are retained for internal company use only. We NEVER pass any information on to third parties or disclose any information to any other person. Customers can edit their marketing preferences by accessing their MyAccount section at anytime.  

All card payment details are sent directly to Shine's online payment merchant Stripe. We never see any of this information. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor, and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available.

Do you accept children who are 4 years old into Holiday Club?

Children MUST have started into Reception at school in order to come to any Shine Holiday Clubs.  We recommend Mini-Sports or Shine Creative as the most suitable activity options for 4 year old who are in Reception.  We reserve the right to ask for them to be collected should they not cope well, but this is rare. To discuss the matter further please email i[email protected] .

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